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Tattoo FAQ

How do I book a tattoo?

- You can contact us or the artist directly to book in. When messaging please include the following information: Design idea, placement, sizing (in cm/inches) and have some reference images handy to send over also. That way we can price it, check availability and advise you on if any changes are needed to your idea. We will always let you know a price and how much of a deposit we will need before confirming a session.

How do I pay a deposit?

- Once you have filled in an online booking form, we will let you know where to send the money. We only accept deposits via bank transfer though, unless you have a voucher to use. If you do have a voucher, we will discuss your options with it, just please let us know during your initial enquiriy if you have one.

Can I reschedule my tattoo session?

- Yes, as long as you give us more than 48 hours notice before your booked session we can move it for you. If you fail to let us know before that time period, your session will be lost alongside your deposit placed on the session.

Can I bring a friend/family member along?

- No. We are a private studio and only allow the booked client on premises during their alloted time. No family/friends/guests will be permitted on premises during your session, so please bear this in mind and don't bring anyone along with you.

Do you offer walk ins?

- We do not offer walk ins. We are an appointment only studio. If you are looking for a piercing, you can book on this website, just look for the 'book a piercing option'. If you are looking for a tattoo, contact us!

What is your shop minimum?

- It all depends on location, but our minimum ranges from £80-120. Our minimums have to increase due to the impact COVID-19 had on our suppliers and their prices increasing. Some items we use have literally tripled in price.

Can I see the design before my appointment date?

- No. Our artists design the project for the day of your session. You can view the design on arrival and make any small changes to it there and then with the artist. We don't send out designs prior for multiple reasons, one being art theft and another being our artists are just too busy with months of appointments booked back to back.

Do you tattoo visible areas?

- We get asked this a lot. All of our artists adhere to our strict policy on tattooing visible areas, they will not tattoo highly visible areas (such as hands/face/neck etc) unless the client has heavy coverage. For example; if you are looking for a hand tattoo, our artists would require at minimum a fully complete sleeve before adding/continuing onto the hand/fingers. We will not do these areas as a first tattoo, ever.

Do you tattoo under 18s with parental consent?

- Absolutely not. This is completely illegal by UK law. Any studio found tattooing under agers would lose their licence and be heavily fined. Never trust an artist/studio who will knowinly tattoo someone under 18. Having parental consent does not change anything.

How much is a deposit?

- A deposit varies depending on the overall price, they are usually around 30/40% of the price quoted. We will always let you know how much of a deposit you need to pay to secure your session before you book anyway. The deposit comes off the total price.

Tips for first tattoo?

- Best advice we can give to someone getting their first tattoo is have a really good sleep the night before, have a big solid breakfast and drink plenty of fluid. Anything sugary helps as you need to keep your blood sugar level high!

Can I change my tattoo idea/design?

- If you give us enough notice, at least 7 days prior then yes we can change design and placement, we will need to run it by the artist first incase it changes timings/pricing etc. Any big design or composition changes cannot be made on the day of the appointment, as a full redraw will usually be needed. So please let us know at least 7 days before your appointment if you are looking to change your idea completely.

Best ways to contact us regarding your session?

- You can contact us via email, Facebook or Instagram if it's a general enquiry. If it's urgent or about a booked session in the next few days then please call us on our studio phone. We are open 7 days a week from 11am - 7pm. We usually get back to all messages the same day, but sometimes we have a backlog to work through, we will always get back to you within 24 hours though.

Do you offer cover ups?

- We do indeed! We have a cover specalist working with us, Caio. Though most of artists do offer cover ups. If you are looking to enquire about one, we generally need an in person consultation before we can judge with the cover is possible or not, where our artists will let you know if your idea would work, or if not what would work. Send us over a message first though, and let us know what you're looking to cover and what with so we can get the ball rolling!

What equipment is used?

- We only use premium disposable equipment. We carefully research and select the brands we use and don't cheap out on our equipment/products. All tattoo/piercing needles/cartridges are of professional grade, disposable and sterilised.

Do you offer vegan/eco product?

- We do indeed! We have vegan alternatives to all products we use during the full tattoo process, and the majority of our products we use are eco-friendly ones. We are always on the lookout for newly launched ones are always doing research on them to help us reduce our carbon footprint as a business. If you are looking for us to use all vegan products, just message us and let us know!

Do you tattoo over scars/skin conditions?

- There is no simple answer to this, everyone's body is different and our artists have to usually see the area first before deciding wether they can tattoo it or not. In terms of tattooing over scars, it is possible - it just takes a bit longer and you'll no doubt need a touch up more than tattooing over non scared skin. The scars need to be a minimum of 2 years old though before we will tattoo over them, but again - our artists would need to see them first. We offer private rooms for consultations when it comes to tattooing over scars/skin conditions!

Can you get a tattoo with certain medical conditions?

Again, much like the scar/skin condition answer, it all depends on what your medical condition is. During the booking process we have a medical questionaire section which will ask you certain questions. Some medical conditions require a written doctors note before we can progress with the actual procedure, this is a legal requirement in line with our licencing. We will not take a deposit until we know your medical status, incase you do need to get a doctors note! Same rules apply with certain medication.

Why is there a minimum sizing for tattoos?

- We get asked this a lot, in terms of why we won't do something under the minimum sizing we initially quote. The simple answer is due to the ageing process of tattoos. You cannot do something highly detailed in a small area, or it's going to age poorly and not look good further down the line. While you may show us a refernce image of someone else doing said design very small, please remember you are seeing it freshly done. You don't see it once it has aged. Our artists take a lot of time designing your project to fit the area, sizing and details included in the actual design to accommodate the tattoo still looking good years down the line. We always want to give you something that is going to look good for life, not just a few years. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

- We are a cash only studio! Please remember this when arriving for your appointment. There is plenty of ATMs near us within minutes walking distance if you need to grab some before arriving for your session. Where possible have the exact money that you owe as we are trying to limit cash exchanging hands.
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