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Price List:

Piercing Price            
Ear Piercings:              
Ear Lobe £20*   Ear Lobe x 2 £30*   Snug/Anti Tragus £25
Daith £30   Rook £25   Tragus £25*
Conch £25*   Helix £25*   Industrial £30
Tongue £30   Navel £25*   Nostril £25*
Nipple £25   Nipples x 2 £45   Lip/Medusa/Vertical £25
Smiley £25   Septum £25   Dermal £30
Dermal x 2 £50   Double Lip £45   Bridge £30
Eyebrow(s) £25/40            


OPENING TIMES: Our piercers work 7 days a week from 10am - 6:30pm. We are an appointment only studio until further notice. You can book online by visiting the 'Book A Piercing' link in the menu of this website.

* = Upgrades available on these piercings for an extra cost.

All piercings are anatomy dependant and not every piercing is suited to every person!

You must be 16 or older for ALL piercings. We do however, offer 14 year olds+ the lobe and helix piercing IF accompanied by a parent and/or legal guardian.
Your cousin, brother, sister etc don't count - unless they can prove with documentation that they are your legal guardian.
Please note, we need photographic ID for the person receiving the piercing, not the parent/guardian. 

**IMPORTANT: If you are looking to get a nipple or dermal piercing, you MUST be 16 years or older and bring photographic ID with you as we need to take a scan of it to put against your consent form.
The ONLY forms of ID we accept for nipple and dermal piercings are valid in date adult passports or provisional/full driving licenses.

Piercing FAQ

What forms of ID do you accept?
- Please note each piercer has different discretion when it comes to ID. So please note what piercer you are booked in with to know what ID to bring along with you.

- Courtney accepts, young scot cards, provisional/full driving licences or adult passports for most piercings, EXCLUDING nipple piercings, she strictly only accepts provisional/full driving licences or adult passports for these. Please note all ID's have to be in date and valid, we cannot accept any out of date forms of ID.

- Jane only accepts provisional/full driving licences or adult passports for all piercings. She does NOT accept any young scot cards. Please note all ID's have to be in date and valid, we cannot accept any out of date forms of ID.

What material is the jewellery you use made from?
- We only offer titanium implant grade internally threaded jewellery.

Do you offer gold jewellery?
- We do not offer any gold jewellery as standard, all gold pieces are ordered in specifically for clitns - so if you are looking to get a bit of gold jewellery with your appointment, please contact us or the piercers before hand as it will take a while to order in and we need to take a deposit for it.

Can I get my nose pierced with a hoop?
- We do not pierce a nostril with with a hoop to begin with as this can cause problems during the healing stage, so we pierce with a stud to begin with until fully healed (around 6-8 weeks) then we can swap it out for a hoop.

Does the price include the jewellery?
- Yes! All our pricing is inclusive of the standard jewellery - but you can upgrade to different bits of jewellery on the day if you wish.

Can I get multiple piercings in one appointment?
- Yes you can, within reason. When it comes to ear piercings, our piercer only pierces one side for healing purposes (excluding lobes) as you can't sleep on a fresh piercing. She can do multiple piercings in one appointment though (eg 2 x lobes + nostril).

Can I bring in my own jewellery?
- For a jewellery change, yes. For a fresh piercing, no. Our piercer only uses jewellery she has purchased from her suppliers and she knows is sterilised to her high standards. 

How I look after my piercing?
- Our piercer will give you an aftercare sheet at the end of your appointment that will detail everything from looking after your new piercing to what to do if you have irritation bumps. Please try keep this aftercare sheet to refer back to during the healing process. If you have lost it, it's at the bottom of this webpage you can redownload it.

What is the booking fee for?
- We introduced our non-refundable booking fee to limit the amount of no shows our piercer was receiving. So once you book and pay your booking fee, your session is fully secured and it comes off the total price on the day of the session. If you do not turn up to your appointment or are late (over the grace period we give) your booking fee will be forfeited and you will have to rebook back in. We will not refund booking fees if you are a no show/too late to the appointment as this is used to compensate Courtney's loss of income as she is a self employed piercer.

Can I book me and my friend in for a piercing on the same day?
- Yes you can. Each customer has to have their own seperate appointment though, each piercing is blocked out for a 30 minute period for a reason. So if you and a friend are looking to book in, please book one session after another through our online booking portal, and make sure it's from your own personal accounts, not the same account booking 2 sessions. 

Why do I need a GPs note?
- Due to our licence we require a note from your GP if you tick yes to one of the contraindications listed in our medicial section. We cannot preform the procedure until we have the note from your GP. This is why we ask you at the time of booking to disclose any medical conditions/issues we should be aware of so you do not turn up on the day and be disappointed by refusal of service. This isn't a personal choice from our piercers, we are just staying legal and in line with our licence and insurance. We cannot preform the procedure without the correct documentation from your GP if you do have any of the medical conditions listed on our medical section, so please let us know before booking so we can advise on the next steps.

Student Promotion:

Are you a student? Perfect! We run our student piercing promo day every Wednesday.

On the student promo day you can get £5 off any piercing we offer, or £10 off any double piercing. All you need to bring with you on the day is your valid student ID card OR your UNiDAYS account and show it to our piercer before the piercing.


Lost your aftercare sheet? Simply click the link below to download it! Aftercare Sheet - 2019

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